4 Common Uses for Industrial Shelving

4 Common Uses for Industrial Shelving

What are the uses of industrial shelving? Manufacturing storage Office record storage Grocery store display   Cold storage Industrial shelving like light industrial shelves, medium industrial shelves, heavy industrial shelves, pallet rack systems, and cantilever racks, are the backbone of warehouse operations.  This is because shelves and racks are crucial for safe and efficient storage and […]

What are the uses of industrial shelving?

  1. Manufacturing storage
  2. Office record storage
  3. Grocery store display  
  4. Cold storage

Industrial shelving like light industrial shelves, medium industrial shelves, heavy industrial shelves, pallet rack systems, and cantilever racks, are the backbone of warehouse operations. 

This is because shelves and racks are crucial for safe and efficient storage and distribution of goods. Industrial shelving provides easy access for inventory to be processed. 

In addition to their application in warehouses, industrial shelving is also commonly used for daily operations of a wide array of industries — from retail stores to manufacturing plants. Here are 4 uses of industrial shelving. 

Manufacturing Storage

Manufacturing Storage

Manufacturing facilities can function by stocking up on orders or in a just-in-time setting, producing goods when it is needed and in the amount needed. Every manufacturing facility needs to set up several processing areas. 

For example, for motor vehicle manufacturing facilities, there would be a paint area and an assembly area. Various industrial shelving systems can be used throughout the assembly line for the storage and pick up of the different car parts. 

Electrical manufacturing plants, motor vehicle manufacturing facilities, and other large-scale factories might require integrated pallet racking systems and sophisticated cantilever shelves for forklift loading and retrieval. But many other manufacturing facilities can also use standard shelving, including heavy-duty, freestanding shelves. Workers can pick and load every part by hand or use carts to transport heavier objects. 

Simply put, different industrial shelving systems can be used for manufacturing storage. 

A key advantage of industrial shelving in manufacturing storage plants is its high customizability. There are industrial shelves that are easy to assemble and can be customized to meet your facility’s storage needs. In manufacturing facilities, customizable industrial shelving is a great storage solution for workers to find every specific part.   

In manufacturing facilities, avoiding bottlenecks is crucial for productive and profitable operations. Custom industrial shelves can help eliminate clutter, create a more organized workspace, enhance item visibility, improve worker productivity, and ultimately, cut down the risk of manufacturing bottlenecks.  

At Aluminum Depot, we offer steel industrial shelving for sale in the Philippines from Tortrack Warehouse Solutions. All Tortrack industrial shelves have a boltless and modular design, which is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-assemble and customizable shelving option. 

The easily adjustable layers of our shelves can be configured to any form to allow access to your manufacturing inventory. In contrast to industrial shelves that have bolts and screws, our shelves are completely boltless. What’s more, is that add-on layers are available so you can maximize the use of your industrial shelving. 

Office Record Storage

Although many companies are already moving to digital-based offices, having a storage solution for managing old records is still important. Archiving forms and reports can take up a huge area in offices with the right storage solution. Fortunately, industrial shelving can be used to store office records as well. 

At Aluminum Depot, we have steel industrial shelves available for office record storage. Our medium shelves are a great option for holding forms and archive boxes. These industrial-grade shelving units can store up to 300 kg of materials per layer. For offices with more archive boxes and office supplies, our heavy-duty shelves can store up to 1,000 kg per layer to accommodate needs. 

Grocery Store Display 

Grocery Store Display 

The clean design of industrial shelving also makes an excellent option for putting various grocery items on display. For example, medium to heavy-duty industrial-grade shelves can be used to display grocery products in an organized manner. 

If you’re looking for extra storage solutions for your grocery store, industrial shelving is a perfect choice. Not only is it an organized solution, but it also checks all the boxes for customizability and durability. 

The durability of industrial shelving also plays a major role in protecting staff that replenishes stocks and shoppers throughout the grocery store. When shelving falls, the “domino effect” can bring down an entire row and cause worker or shopper injuries. 

Unlike flimsy plastic racks, you won’t have to worry about steel industrial shelving toppling down. And, our industrial shelving can be easily anchored down deep to the ground.  

Cold Storage

Restaurants and food supplies are often demanding the perfect industrial shelving. For a good reason, industrial shelving is the storage solution that can withstand cold storage environments. If you’re looking for the right storage system for your food and beverage business, industrial steel wire shelves are a common choice. 

Industrial steel wire shelves improve airflow, which can help regulate the temperature of goods. With improved airflow, the buildup of microbes can also be improved and prevent food contamination. Unlike plastic and wood shelves, steel shelves are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. These are ideal for cold environments. 

Key Takeaway

The uses of industrial shelving go beyond industrial settings. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your workplace with high-quality industrial shelving! 

Whether you need storage for your office, manufacturing facility, or food business, Aluminum Depot is your go-to industrial shelving supplier in the Philippines. Our team can accommodate your custom shelving needs. 

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