Levon is a trusted aluminum bathroom accessory brand specially catering to applications that require immense durability. We offer easy-to-install and sturdy-designed shower enclosure systems to help you set up a functional and aesthetic bathroom.

If you are seeking the look of luxury, installing our floor hinges, sliding shower door handles, glass spigots, H-handles, door locks, and glass balustrades is a great choice for your bathroom. Every Levon product comes with multi-layer coating protection to provide high corrosion resistance, scratch-resistance, dust-resistance, and water-repellant features.

Top Grade Glass Patch Fittings in the Philippines with Aluminum Depot

Glass is an attractive addition to any interior, and glass patch fittings in the Philippines are necessary to make it work. Using heavy-duty glass clamps to hold up glass walls or doors will make it safer to be around them. The quality of the different fittings around the glass will determine the longevity and quality of the material. As you can see in malls, showrooms, or even inside your showers, most glass clamps work wonders.

Here at Aluminum Depot, the leading aluminum accessories store in the Philippines, we carry Levon, the expert authority when it comes to working with glass and other parts of the shower. For top-grade glass patch fittings or for any glass-related project you have, Levon is the answer.

All About Levon

Heavy-duty glass clamps must always be of the best quality to ensure safety while keeping the aesthetic of glass in interiors. With that knowledge, Levon specializes in shower systems, floor hinges, glass spigots, and glass balustrades. We have everything you may need to set up a fashionable indoor glass shower room.

Making the top-grade glass patch fittings in the Philippines, along with all other hardware needed for shower and glass work, is what made Levon the brand that it is today.

Glass Patch Fittings in the Philippines from Levon

If you need glass patch fittings in the Philippines, Levon has the best options for you. Getting that frameless glass look for your mirrors or glass doors is made easier with the expertise and professionalism from Levon. Whatever purpose your patch fittings might serve, we have the product for you.

Top and Bottom Patches

Sometimes, only minimal fittings are needed for your glass applications. Our top and bottom patch fittings have stainless steel screws and chucks while sporting a mirror finish. These could come in combination with corner patches, depending on your project specifications. Your shower system might need both top and bottom patches to keep the system upright and functional.

Corner Patches

For hardware fixtures for glass, corner patch fittings can go a long way. The frameless glass look works best when the only other material visible are in the corners, out of the way of most eye levels. Our corner patches also sport a sleek stainless steel design, elegant mirror finish, and a functional steel screw and chuck.

Bottom Patch with Lock

As pleasing and relaxing as they may look, glass doors still need a way to be secured. Heavy-duty glass clamps often don’t have built-in locks. As a door hardware supplier in the Philippines, this is how our bottom patch with a lock comes into play. Some patches come with locks so that you may be able to lock glass doors in buildings, as well as, keep interiors secure.

Other Products from Levon

Levon products do not stop at glass patch fittings in the Philippines. Our product range covers everything you may ever need to set up a good glass shower room, glass door, or other glass projects. As an expert in our field, you can rely on Levon for any of the following products.

Shower Handles

A good shower room would have good shower handles for support. Because it offers more safety, shower handles should be applied to your bathrooms. It becomes even more important when you’re surrounded by glass, which tends to be brittle upon impact.

Knowing that safety is important, Levon offers several designs for shower handles. The Levon Imperia shower handle has a curvy design that goes both horizontal and vertical. If you need more minimalist shower handles, you can go as simple as the Levon Curves or the Levon Corain shower handle. Either way, you’d be assured of its quality with Levon.

Shower Door Systems

Levon can go beyond shower door systems. We have the Supreva Sliding Door System for showers, which is both fashionable and reliable. All the hardware fixtures involved are made of stainless steel to ensure compatibility in aesthetics. Our other sliding door systems include the Levon Deluxx Sliding Shower System and the Levon Syris Sliding Shower System.

Door Locks

Other than finding glass patch fittings in the Philippines, your glass doors would also need door locks. We also have an array of door locks for you to choose from.

We offer glass handle locks for your glass doors, both with single and double handles. Different variations include double hook locks, single square locks, single tube locks, and double handle locks.

Floor Springs

Floor springs are used for door closing along with glass patch fittings in the Philippines. To make both the pushing and pulling motion work for the glass door, the right floor springs must be installed. We have floor springs from both the Atmos and Prima Series, with varieties depending on the door weight they can carry. Our floor springs can handle doors from 80 kg to over 300 kg in weight.

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Any project that involves glass doors, walls, or showers can be made better by Levon! If you’re interested, you can learn more about glass patch fittings in the Philippines and other products here at Aluminum Depot!