The Best Aluminum Accessories Store in the
Philippines: Aluminum Depot

The top aluminum accessories store in the Philippines, Aluminum Depot boasts one of the widest selections of aluminum products, fittings, and accessories — whatever you need, we’ve got it!

About Aluminum Depot

Aluminum Depot is the best aluminum accessories store in the Philippines for a reason — we guarantee whatever your project needs, we can provide. With our years of experience, we know just the right way to meet your requirements, and add value to your project.

We also work with highly capable and trustworthy partners to offer excellent, secure, and affordable aluminum accessories for our clients and their job. Aluminum Deport is the perfect place to go for all your building, repair, and renovation projects.

Brands We Carry

We are an aluminum accessories store in the Philippines with strategic alliances with top manufactures and fabricators of high-quality aluminum products — Tortrack Warehouse Solutions, Levon, and Aluminum Accessories. From our partners, we offer complete product lines for enclosures, storage racks, balustrades, and more. Plus, we offer all of these with price points to meet any project need.

Tortrack Warehouse Solutions

Tortrack Warehouse Solutions has state-of-the-art shelves and racks that are made to fit your needs. Whether you're a top player in the logistics industry, or a growing business, our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines offers Tortrack’s innovative warehouse solutions for you — guaranteed to maximize your space. With Tortrack, you have a reliable partner for you to expand your business horizons.

Steel Shelves

As an aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines, we carry steel shelves of various shapes and sizes for your convenience. We have Tortrack’s light, medium, heavy, and also offer cantilever shelves. They are all heavy-duty and durable — some models can carry up to 1,000kg per layer.

Tortrack takes into account easy storage flows and optimization for modern storage solutions. These heavy-duty shelves in the Philippines can also be manufactured following customer specifications, allowing us to supply a storage solution that perfectly fits your desired design and size.

Rack Systems

The rack systems our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines offers can be custom-made as per client requirements. Tortrack carefully designs each pallet rack for you to maximize your facility space, simplify inventory tracking, and achieve easy pallet storage for your products.

Tortrack’s rack systems are also equipped with sturdy industrial bases, multi-stage, modular designs, and are especially fit for metal and steel warehouses. Keep your storage units organized, clean, and efficient with our specially designed rack systems.


Shower enclosures, glass fixtures, and balustrades are used widely in both private and commercial spaces. Here at our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines, we make sure we can supply those who desire such installments in their properties.

This is why we carry Levon, the industry leader when it comes to working with glass installments. For first-class glass installments, Levon is the answer.

Shower Enclosure Systems

Using glass shower systems is one of the most popular options for upgrading your bathroom, and Levon is an expert in designing them. Our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines carries a variety of models from Levon that can give your bathroom a sophisticated look without breaking the bank.

Take for example the Levon Supreva, which is designed with both style and substance in mind. The sliding door frame uses seamless construction to reduce friction, while the stainless steel hardware offers a fashionable look and feel. At Levon, they always feature such a modernistic, elegant design for your bathroom’s atmosphere.

Floor Hinges

We also carry floor hinge products, used to allow a door to swing both ways. To make this pull and push motion work for your door, the right floor hinges and accompaniments must be chosen.

Check out our Atmos and Prima series from Levon, with different models suitable for a wide range of door sizes and weights. Our floor hinges can handle doors up to 300 kg in weight and are great for offices, restaurants, supermarkets, and more.

Handles and Handle Locks

Levon’s handle and handle lock products provide a luxurious, spa-like aesthetic while enhancing the look of your shower. If you are looking to make your bathroom look sleeker. then Levon’s handles are the right choice for you.

With our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines, you have a wide selection of elegantly designed handles and handle locks made with mirror-finished and stainless steel to choose from. They aren’t just beautiful — they’re also durable, making them an excellent choice for any modern bathroom.

Glass Spigots and Balustrades

Levon’s glass spigot systems use durable and non-invasive clamps to create a highly versatile style of glass balustrade. This product is ideal for creating partitions and fences for both commercial or residential use.

Allow our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines to supply you with glass spigots for your swimming pool or balcony. With several clamp designs to choose from, creating your balustrade has never been easier.

Aluminum Accessories

Providing aluminum products, components, fittings, and other products since 2010, Aluminum Accessories is known as one of the most trusted suppliers in the Philippines. We manufacture and supply products such as aluminum rollers, vinyl, sealants, mesh, and the like.


Our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines offers silicone sealants for general-purpose applications. These high-performance products offer a flexible yet extremely durable bond that does not crack or harden over time.

This makes our sealant applicable for a wide range of applications and surfaces, such as on glass, aluminum, ceramics, and other similar materials. Our sealants also provide ample protection against moisture, dirt, dust, and other pollutants.


We also carry a wide collection of rollers. The function of this product is to allow doors, windows, and other partitions to move smoothly along a rail system.

As the best aluminum accessories store in the Philippines, we guarantee we have the right roller model for your intended application. Whether you need nylon rollers for your windows or double steel rollers for heavy doors, we’ve got the right tool for you.


Provide extra functionality and security measures to your property with Aluminum Accessories’ durable lock models. Find rubber locks, center locks, flush locks, and glass locks in a variety of sizes and colors. This variety will allow our aluminum accessories store in the Philippines to help you find the perfect match for your doors and windows.


At Aluminum Depot, we have a large catalog of different handle designs from Aluminum Accessories, so that you can choose the perfect handle. While they come in different designs, our hardware all offer anti-corrosion protection and durability.

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheets are a versatile product and can be used in many automotive, appliance, construction, and commodity projects. With us, you can find aluminum sheets of varying dimensions for your custom projects or other purposes.

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Looking for an aluminum accessories store in the Philippines? Then partner with Aluminum Depot! For years our team has sourced and worked with the best aluminum products to meet every client’s quality needs. We guarantee that your construction and industrial projects are fulfilled with only the best materials. We also offer nationwide delivery — just contact us for any of your product orders and concerns.