Top Aluminum Hardware Supplier In The Philippines:
Aluminum Depot

Aluminum is a versatile material with endless application potential. Are you looking for high-quality aluminum hardware? Aluminum Depot has been the leading aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines since 2010. We distribute a wide array of locally manufactured aluminum accessories, such as rollers, locks, handles, hinges, and sealing items nationwide with stringent quality standards. Continue reading to learn why you should choose us as your Philippine aluminum hardware supplier.

Why Choose Aluminum Depot As Your Aluminium Hardware Supplier In The Philippines

With over 11 years of experience and expertise in being an online hardware store in the Philippines for aluminum products, you can trust that Aluminum Depot will offer the best quality product selections, with the fastest delivery time, and excellent customer service. We have the credentials to prove we will provide you with top-notch aluminum products and services.

A Diverse Line of Aluminum Products

At Aluminum Depot, we offer a wide array of aluminum products with varying sizes and surface finishes to fit your application needs. We offer double steel rollers, cam handles, nylon rollers, aluminum hinges, aluminum sheets, 4-bar hinges, flush lock brown, flush lock white, sealants, and many more aluminum accessories.

Whether you are pursuing a DIY project or a wide-scaling industrial application, rest assured we are the top aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines that will allow you to build with the right parts.

Trusted Supplier of Aluminum Accessories Since 2010

When it comes to looking for the best aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines, Aluminum Depot is the one to turn to. We have been distributing high-grade aluminum accessories since 2010, consistently maintaining quality control on all our products. By partnering with a variety of aluminum brands, we are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Aluminum Depot’s range of aluminum accessories in the Philippines offers unparalleled ease of installation, ergonomics, aesthetics, and durability. These solutions make the best choices for sliding doors, window frames, sliding windows, cabinets, and other applications.

Reliable Delivery and Customer Service

We wouldn’t be the leading aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines without the customers that have trusted us for our products. This is why we always make sure to deliver value for our customers with excellent service. We provide fast delivery. Likewise, our staff is prepared to address any concerns, inquiries, and suggestions that you may have.

Our Aluminum Hardware Products

At Aluminum Depot, we have a variety of aluminum hardware products for different applications. We are the premier aluminum accessories store in the Philippines for aluminum materials. Check out our products below:

Silicone Sealants

Aluminum Depot offers silicone sealants for general purpose applications. Our high-performance sealants provide a flexible bond that does not crack or harden, offering durability for a range of glazing or filling applications on aluminum, glass, painted surfaces, ceramics, and fiberglass. Our GP silicone sealants act as effective barriers against moisture, dirt, and dust.


The function of rollers is to move doors and windows smoothly along bottom rails. As the top aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines, we also have an array of rollers like nylon rollers with single or double bearing, double steel rollers with bearing, and plastic rollers that are ideal for heavy-duty applications.


Locks provide functionality and security to entry and exit systems like doors and sliding windows. In the case of simple sliding systems, Aluminum Depot is the top aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines. We have rubber with locks, flush locks, center locks, and glass locks in a variety of colors and sizes.


Handles are the single touchpoints used for opening doors, windows, and cabinet systems. They feature a latch that is released when you turn the knob. As your all-around cabinet accessories and door hardware supplier in the Philippines, we offer different types of cam handles that are affordable, corrosion-resistant, and durable.


Hinges are a distinctive part of all opening systems because they join two parts together. They allow doors or cabinets to pivot as they open and close. Depending on your application, we also have a variety of hinges sporting different looks.

When you choose Aluminum Depot as your aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines, we can also offer 4-bar hinges and 1x3 hinges that are ready to be drilled on your doors or windows with ease.

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheets are commonly used for automotive, construction, appliance, and furniture applications. At Aluminum Depot, we also offer aluminum sheets with different dimensions.

Choose The Top Aluminum Hardware Supplier
In The Philippines: Aluminum Depot!

Looking for an aluminum hardware supplier in the Philippines? Choose Aluminum Depot! Since 2010, our team has always been on the lookout for the best aluminum products made with cutting-edge materials and techniques to meet your quality needs.

Ensure your construction and industrial needs are met with the top Philippine aluminum hardware supplier! We offer nationwide delivery to meet your aluminum requirements. Click here to contact us for more product concerns or shipping inquiries.