5 Types of Door Handles

What are the five common types of door handles? Plastic door handle D door handle H door handle Flush pull door handle Lever on a lever door handle Your house is only safe if it has a secure door handle. Door handles can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. It is a device installed […]

What are the five common types of door handles?

  1. Plastic door handle
  2. D door handle
  3. H door handle
  4. Flush pull door handle
  5. Lever on a lever door handle

Your house is only safe if it has a secure door handle. Door handles can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. It is a device installed to either lock or unlock the door of your room. 

Every room in your house can have different types of door handles. But, regardless of which type you choose, you want elegance, security, and durability. Aluminum Depot is here to supply just that — and help you choose from their different types of door handles.

This article will guide you on the differences between the various types of door handles we carry, and how to choose the best one for you — read on!

Plastic door handle

Plastic door handle

A plastic handle is simple, cost-effective, and has many advantages. It offers a lot of security and safety and can be tightly installed. And, it’s easy to clean!

These qualities make it the perfect choice for your kid’s room. Kids are playful and at that young age, most kids like to play in their room. Sometimes they like to play with the knob of their room. So for better safety, installing a plastic door handle is the best choice — it will not harm your kids just in case they are playing and running in and outside their room. 

Check it out on our website, where you can see the product in black or white color, or for a better view of its specs!

D door handle

Invented by Adam Klos, this door handle is made from curved metal. Are you wondering why its name is “D door handle?” Well, it’s named for its base purpose — D for doors.

This door handle is inspired by the first letter of the door and it makes sense because this is also one of the common types of door handles used by everyone. 

The good thing about the D door handle is it’s very much easy to use, and it’s hassle-free for everyone. The price depends on its size, and sometimes it can be difficult to install, but it more than makes up for it for its sturdy construction and tight security. 

Flush pull door handle

Are you looking for a sophisticated, European-style door handle? Then the flush pull door handle is what you are looking for! 

Compared to other kinds of door handles, this one features a highly developed and innovative design. Using this type of door handle will give your door a crisp and clean look! 

However, one thing you should know is it’s hard to install. Likewise, it’s difficult to repair once it gets damaged.

H door handle

If there’s a D door handle, there’s also an H door handle. The H Handle of Aluminum Depot comes in two sizes. The 16 x 24 and 24 x 32 Levon Floris H-Type door handles. 

With its mirror finish look, Aluminum Depot ensures their customers that their H handle product offers easy and fast installation in any type of door. The good thing also is that it can be used both in and out! 

Not only that but their product is very user-friendly and easy to use. And, it’s incredibly easy to install — even you can do it yourself! Lastly, it has a lightweight and adjustable form, so you can install it on a variety of doors, such as your glass door.

Lever on a lever door handle

Do you want a remotely activated door handle? Then the lever on the lever door handle is for you. This type has a numbered lock system that aims to tightly secure for continuous safety in your room. It’s much easier to open the door with its thumb lever, compared to other doorknobs. 

Intrigued by this function? Well, this door handle can keep your doors locked quite securely — and yet, can still be opened by you quickly, if used right. However, this one is costly, and won’t work with double doors. So, it might not be the best option for many homeowners. 

Key Takeaway

Of all the types of door handles mentioned above, it’s best to purchase your door handles from a trusted and proven company — Aluminum Depot. We provide tons of high-quality aluminum accessories, and always meet the high standards of our clients. 

With more than 10 years of supplying aluminum accessory brands, Aluminum Depot never disappoints to help you secure your home. Visit our website today to learn more about us, our products, and why we are the top aluminum accessory supplier in the Philippines!

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