Benefits of Aluminum Shower Enclosures

Benefits of Aluminum Shower Enclosures

What are the benefits of aluminum shower enclosures? Lightweight and easy to install Minimalist looking Durable and low maintenance Highly effective at keeping in water Cost-effective The shower is an important area of a home as it serves a hygienic function. It is the place to get ready for the day and to wash up […]

What are the benefits of aluminum shower enclosures?

  1. Lightweight and easy to install
  2. Minimalist looking
  3. Durable and low maintenance
  4. Highly effective at keeping in water
  5. Cost-effective

The shower is an important area of a home as it serves a hygienic function. It is the place to get ready for the day and to wash up before bedtime. If you have been planning to upgrade your shower area, a great idea would be to switch to aluminum shower enclosures. For aluminum shower enclosures, the benefits can range from easy installation, affordability, to effectively keeping water in.

Since aluminum is a metal that exhibits high corrosion resistance, it is also low maintenance. When it comes to aesthetics, aluminum shower enclosures offer a minimalist and sleek style that can upscale the bathroom interiors of residential spaces. There are many reasons why homeowners and builders have turned to aluminum to build various types of enclosures.

In this article, we listed down five benefits of an aluminum shower enclosure. Read on.

Lightweight and Easy To Install

When it comes to aluminum shower enclosures, one of their top benefits is easy installation. For example, Aluminum Depot’s Levon Syris Sliding Shower System can be easily installed on standard and custom-sized showers. It has ball roller hinges and levers. For people with basic construction know-how, installing it can be as simple as drilling a few nails to attach the parts.

Most aluminum shower enclosures also come pre-fabricated. Because of the lightweight yet durable characteristic of aluminum, shower enclosures can be effortless to lift and transport.

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals, which is why it is widely used for a range of applications — be it construction, automotive, or aerospace. To be exact, it weighs around 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. Installing an aluminum shower enclosure is easier than a large bulky tub and shower combination.

Minimalist Looking

Minimalist Looking

Glass structures with aluminum frame shower enclosures are some of the best-looking bathing privacy options to date.

Take Aluminum Depot’s Levon Supreva Sliding Door System for example. Unlike shower curtains, this aluminum shower enclosure offers unparalleled cleanliness and minimalism, with its metallic luster and thin framing. Its side panels are frameless to provide added sleekness so it does not need to be replaced every other year to achieve an upgraded look.

If your concern is getting access to a variety of designs, aluminum shower enclosures can be powder coated to have different finishes such as a polished look or a colored matte look. Adding an aluminum shower enclosure can not only add a touch of sleekness to your shower’s glass doors but also overhaul the entire look of the space.

Durable and Low Maintenance

While you can always go for shower curtains, take note that plastic shower liners are known for developing soap scum. They also tend to wear out quickly. On the other hand, lining your glass doors with aluminum will offer a unique style with little to no maintenance.

Unlike shower curtains that need to be taken down, washed, dried, and rehung, aluminum shower enclosures can handle 20 to 30 years of wear and tear before being replaced. To add to that, these structures are known to be corrosion resistant. You will be able to devote less time to maintaining its appearance. Regular wiping down or brushing using an old toothbrush is enough to put a stop to mold and soap scum buildup.

If you want to benefit from the durability and low maintenance, why not install an aluminum shower enclosure?

Effective At Keeping In Water

Effective At Keeping In Water

The sturdy characteristic of aluminum ensures the shower enclosure will be able to keep water tightly inside. This minimizes the trouble of leakages and slip accidents while keeping your bathroom clean and free from spills.


No other shower enclosure material comes close to the value of aluminum. Aluminum shower enclosures are one of the most budget-friendly construction materials in the market.

Many factors influence this, such as the abundance of aluminum raw material as well as ease of aluminum fabrication. Its decades-long durability will enable you to spend less on repairs, re-attachments, or further assembly. This is why if you want to lower your renovation expenses for the long term, choosing aluminum shower enclosures is the way to go.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to aluminum shower enclosures, the benefits include easy installation, durability, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, effectiveness at keeping in water, and an added aesthetic look. All these prove you are making the best choice for your bathroom area by choosing aluminum shower enclosures.

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